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  • Body Contouring

    Body contouring surgery includes a variety of procedures that are intended to modify the anatomy of the human body and achieve great results.

  • Facial Plastic Surgery

    The success of a facial plastic surgery is to give a natural look by lifting and repositioning each structure of the face. Patient will have positives results without losing their identity: lifted but not stretched face.

  • Cosmetic Surgery for Men

    Today men are more concerned about their physical appearance. The options of cosmetic products for face and body of man, are increasing in the market, demand for Male Cosmetic Surgery has also grown.

  • Female Surgery (Vaginoplasty)

    Many women are now seeking cosmetic vaginal surgery. In Colombia there are professionals specialized in solving aesthetic and functional problems of the women genitals


Memberships and Alliances Dr. Luis Fernando Reyes

  • SCCPSociedad Colombiana
    de Cirugía Plástica

  • International Society of
    Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

  • Allergan's BOTOX